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frog 2


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being a frog user myself, I quite like the look of it, and upon reading the spec on they're site I cant wait till I can get my hands on it.


I like the fact that it has 3 usb ports aswell... though it doesnt specifyt hat these are usb2 or not, though them saying that the use of memory sticks with it would lead one to believe it is. This will be a really handy feature for me seeing as I have a few 512mb usb sticks on my key-ring.


2 svga ports WOOOP!!!!


Though it stil has the scroll wheels - never really got accustomed to those :unsure:



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Although it hasn't been active for a while, there's already a thread concerning the Zero88 Frog 2 here.


Please try to avoid opening new threads on a particular subject when one already exists. A simple search on the phrase "Frog 2" would have revealed the existence of the other thread.

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