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35mm projectors


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Hi guys anything out there to replace our 35mm projectors?


We use them to project very sharp images to diffuse very small rooms so outline images black and White business.


Obviously profiles would be the obvious choice but they are to big and the images aren't as sharp and way over powered for this!


I've been looking at hand held projectors but concerened the black being projected will ruin the ambience!!


Any ideas?



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If I have understood your question right, Maybe a small display profile might work?


Most of them run on either 50 or 100W lamps, and are essentially a much much smaller version of a regular profile, ive seen used ones for under AUD$100 each.


Example of one would be the Selecon Auroel





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Do a search on the Blue room for Donut, there is a post near this one.


There are a few 50w gobo projectors around, there are very effective, can take small gobos and gels. I use them for fireworks projectors as they are cheap and use low power. As they tale an MR16 lamp you can choose the beam angle to suit what you are projecting. The narrower the beam angle, the brighter the image.


I have got one Selecon Aureol to try them out.

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