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Smart Phone Questions


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Yes, I have done searches and read from the results.


I am interested in personal opinions of users of the various phones and OSs from people working in a similar field to myself.


I am looking to change my phone for a smart phone, maybe an Iphone 4, HTC Desire S or Motorola Defy. I want to avoid anything larger,

I want a good camera for the usual on site photographs ( for reference and convenience, back of racks, knob positions etc.) for when

I have forgotten/can't find/haven't charged my camera.


Good phone calling/text/messaging & web browsing. I also want to be able to use many of the sound apps eg level, spectrum analyser etc.


And ... do any of them accept an interface to record at line level and to what formats?


As a further question Motorola defy is supplied with Android 2.1 I believe. Has anyone upgraded to 2.3 ? Any problems?





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And ... do any of them accept an interface to record at line level and to what formats?


Studio Six Digital do this one for iPhone.


That looks nice but the want/need/cost balance is not in its favour.


The one I saw was nice looking cradle which an Iphone or Ipod touch would fit in and maybe had a couple of mics on top.

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A word of warning, the Blue microphone Mikey won't work with the iphone 4 - it's not overly obvious from the website.


I'd say the iphone 4 is the way to go. They really are excellent and the massive number of apps available means there's something there for everyone.


I'm most impressed with the photographs the thing takes. Use of the Camera+ App can produce some really nice pictures, Photosynth is great for panoramic pictures and Gorillacam is good for timelapse get-in pictures. All of the above apart from Camera+ are free, and that one isn't expensive.


That Studio 6 one looks fantastic! I've produced quite a few videos on the iphone for vox pops and interviews, but the audio has always let it down. Have to see if it'll work with the built in video recorder. HD video with an external mic, very nice!

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Interestingly, I emailed Studio 6 this morning having seen that link to ask if it'd work with the video camera function on the iphone. Just had an email back from a guy who'd just got one out to test it following my email - the answer is yes.

The mic input is the left input, so it'll be panned hard left, but as I'm doing post production on it anyway, it's not such a major issue.


Just thought it'd be useful info to have...

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