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Any tips and tricks for using a file-manager and unzipper? Are there any good freewares on this. I'm struggling with renaming the disks and trying to load it in the desk.


A more accurate manual on this would be welcome.





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There's some information about zipping and unzipping Hog show disks here.


You're not very clear about exactly what you're trying to do - can you explain in a bit more detail? Are you transferring shows from one console to another? Between a console and HogPC? Are you wanting to change the name of a saved show? If you can explain what you're trying to achieve, what you've done so far, and what's not happening, that would help a lot.

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It only tells you about zipping a show.


I just trying to get the last software version, 3.3 (177) on two proper disks.

As a freelance operator I'm facing a lot of times an older version , while I need the latest version for the more updated library fixtures.


this morning I tried to unzipp the file and the second file was also named JNT2.BIN while it should be JNT2B.BIN. , No?


Then the next struggle is to rename the first disk to "library1" , my question is , is there any good shareware or freeware filemanager on the web?



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OK, now I think I understand - you're talking about console operation software, not show files, right?


The file that you download from the Flying Pig website should unzip to two floppy disks, as you know. The ZIP file that you download contains two directories - disk1 and disk2. Each of those directories contains one file, which should be extracted to a floppy. The filename on both of those disks should be the same. You don't need to rename those disks in any way once you've extracted the OS files to them. Then you perform a cold start on the desk while holding down the Enter key, put the first disk in, select the Load New Software option, and away it goes. You'll be prompted to swap to the second disk at the appropriate point.


Which console are you trying to load the software into? I only ask because the OS files that you've extracted from your download are for the Hog 500/1000 (the JNT2.BIN filename is the giveaway there). If it's for a Hog2, then you need to download the correct software (the extracted files will both be called HOG.BIN).


If, on the other hand, you're looking to keep the older software version on the console while using the up-to-date libraries, this is more tricky. The fixture library lives in ROM inside the console - this ROM is flashed with new fixtures when you update the software. As far as I know, there's no way to get at the console's ROM-based fixture library, either through the console itself or from the OS disks. The only way to merge new fixtures into the show is to create definitions (as detaled in the last chapter of the manual) for the fixtures that you want, and merge them into a show disk as per these instructions.


Edit : if you need any more assistance with this, your best option is to contact tech support directly on support@flyingpig.com

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Just as a quick note, are you planning on upgrading your own console, or ones hired in?


If they are hired in desks, I would reccomend checking with the company before doing any software update to their desks! and in many cases ask them to do it for you...


As gareth says, you shouldnt need to rename files or disks to update software, just dump the files to disc and off it goes!


Seconded, support@flyingpig.com is the call to make if you are having real problems, they offer great support!




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thanks for the replies,


I've been confusing software with showdisk , as you can read in the manual on the FAQ page.


If you can't load the downloaded blank showdisk what do you do? You have to rename disk 1 to "library1"


I know that flyingpig offer a great support , I just thought this would be a interesting topic on the forum just to share this confusing problem with others.


The rentalcompany where I rent the desks, they don't upgrade their desks , I have to do it myself. As an operator I have to able to do this.....

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Nooo! It's not confusing at all, really. Show disks are a completely and utterly different thing to the console software disks that you download from the FPS website.


To get yourself a blank showdisk, do a cold start on the desk (or fire up HogPC), select New Show, and just save that empty show to floppy. You'd need to do this if you want to add custom fixtures to the library. If all you want to do is clear the show out of the console, you don't need to load a blank show - just hit New Show when the console starts (or use Setup -> Change Show -> New Show -> OK).


If you're updating the console software, you don't have to go anywhere near a show disk (apart from saving your show before you do the update!), nor do you have to rename anything. Just unzip the downloaded files to two separate floppies, put the first one in, and cold-start while holding down the Enter key.

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