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Turbosound NuQ DP Range


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Just trying to get some recent feedback/ reviews on different kit as looking to purchase a PA shortly.

Hopefully will get to hear some at Plasa.


Has anyone got/ used the powered Turbosound NuQ DP's?

They look smart and love the idea of networking them together.


Again, looking for 2x 12's (Tops), 4x 18's (Subs) and 2x 8's (Fills)


Thanks in advance.


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I have used the Turbosound NUQ series., these are the ones with the Liear Reaserch, amp modules. We have six of these and all but one have failed in just over one year. The amp modules do not have enough heatsinking, and the PSU capacitors overheat and fail in a big way. When the do, they take out other components in them.



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