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I use Solar Accounts. It produces quotes and invoices ans is a complete accounting package, only nice and simple. It costs around £120 and you get a licence to run on three machines I think. May be more thaan you are looking for but it is an excellent program. And British, with great support.

Other programs worth looking at are Express Invoice from an Australian company called NCH and its about £45 but also has a free version.

Also Simply Invoice is very capable and networkable too I think.

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Hello Folks,

Just to let you know that for the past few years I have been using TM Bradfords 'Easy Invoicing 8' which has been an excellent bit of software for a smaller hire company. I have recently been in discussions with TM Bradford about the new Easy Invoicing 9 and the features I would like to see developed to allow usage in a large multisite company, specially tailored for the equipment rental and production industry. They are trying to incorporate all of the basic functions of programs like EasyJob and RentalDesk into a smaller, cheaper and simpler package for small and medium hire companies. Hopefully will be beta testing in the next few months so will keep ya'll updated but it will definitely be one for consideration. I think they are aiming to market the program at around £100 a pop, so even if it only has 50% of the functionality of EasyJob it will be a fantastic program, if it works the way they say it will.


Kind Regards,


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As a new organization I'm a bit daunted by the financial side of things

The two packages I've been recommended for invoicing and quoting is Freshbooks http:/freshbooks.com and Gooroo http://www.gooroo.co.uk two very different packages by the looks of it anyone tried these?


I'm told freshbooks is the best all round package out there but Gooroo as an invoicing software is quite useful as it is easy to print sales/vat reports and you can take payments via paypal


What's the best package for beginners?



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Heard a lot of good things about FreeAgent, know a few people who use it - but it's an online Software as a Service rather than an actual product.


Personally I used to use Billable, now called Profit Train, and a friend uses Invoice 3 and speaks highly of it.

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We use FreeAgent and can highly recommend it. I seem to recall you can do a month free trial on it and then if you like it you pay from then on. Cost is on a monthly basis and just over £20 a month, so long term it's probably not the cheapest option but I personally think it's worth it. If you want to know more or want a referral link (we would both benefit from a discount if you used the link but you don't have to), PM me.
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