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Martin Mac300 problem


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Hi all,


Did a simple show on Sunday with 2 Mac300's. The first mac was fine, but the second one started started lamping off for 10 minutes, then back on for 20 in roughly a half hour cycle. It did this for about 3 hours.


When it was off, the lamp led was off, and there was no error message on the display. It was also unresponsive to DMX, although the DMX led was on, on the fixture. When the lamp came back on, DMX sparked back into life, and the fixture moved to it's correct position.


Ive had the unit on today for 5 hours in the office, (using the same controller, cables and terminator) and no problems...it works perfectly.


I was wondering if the fixture was overheating (due to the regular on/off cycles it was going through), maybe a stalled fan that is now working again?, would this show the symptoms listed?


Any other ideas?

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