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Elation Designspot 300E


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Hi Folks


Has anybody come across, or used these fixtures in anger? I am considering buying some to replace my temperamental Mac 250 Kryptons, and wondered how they are going to compare. They would primarily be for theatre use with the occasional live event. The feature list certainly looks good for the second hand price of just over a grand each.



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Hi Joe,


We have 4 in hire stock as our cheeper alternative to the robe stuff (the elation 300e pro). I have had them side by side next to our robin spot 300e and I have to say they are very similar really. The lamp is a different colour temp MSR vs MSD and this shows but they are bright, fast and have a reasonable colour mix. The only issues I have with them are that A they do not seem to do the 40 deg that is stated in the elation catalogue. I sit them next to our robin 300e that does 40 degrees and the elation doesn't go 1/2 as wide. Im not sure how they are measuring the zoom but its not 40 degrees!


Also they are quite heavy. 26KG I think but that seems to feel like a lot when listing them out of a case!


The units are well built and the support seems good for a chinese brand. They are made in the same factory as the futurelight units Golden sea I believe and we had 20 odd of them in hire stock for years with very few problems.



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