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Can you make a cue from a cue?


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Basically, we have a 48 Channel Showtec desk and I have put cues onto 24 of the 48 fadders on bank 1, (made of up off all red channels together + all blues, ect) I was hoping I could leave this, would it be possible to now make chases and cues from the cues allready in existence and add them to fadders 25+ on bank 1 instead of going back to the normal 48 seperate channels?


Thank You

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Firstly, a few corrections which may mean your posts are more easily understood on the blue-room: It's faders as opposed to fadders, and the "cues" you have recorded to "faders" 25-48 are commonly referred to as states/memories since they are not part of a cue list. The faders/locations they are stored in are called sub masters. Hoe this helps!


As far as I can remember, it is possible to use pre-recored states in other chases/memories/cue stacks, simply by leaving the desk in mixed chase mode, so the top 24 faders control channels 1-24, and faders 25-48 control your states, and then raising the fader for the states you wish to include, so that they are outputting, then switch to the page you wish to record on, enable record and select the location. The desk simply records whatever is being shown on stage, regardless of where it is coming from in the desk initially.



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