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Nexo Rack Build Advice


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Hi Everybody


I am tasked with building some flexible PS8/LS400 Racks for Dry/Wet Hire.


I have numerous PS8s, LS400s and PS8 Controllers and will be using QSC PLX1202 Amps


The racks will contain,1 Controller 2 Amps and a connection pannel


My question is....


What is the most flexable, best connection pannel layout and amp configuration that would be pretty fool proof to anyone comming to use it? is the any benifit in having a DSP with some presets programmed for differing set ups?


Nexo recommend 200-500watts 8ohm for the PS8's The PLX1202 produces 200watts at 8 ohm

Nexo recommend 300-700watts at 4ohms for the LS400. PLX1202 produces 325watts at 4 ohms stereo and 1200watts 4 ohm bridge mono.


What do we all think? Will they be a wee bit underpowered or should this be fine?




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Yes, you will be a little underpowered, but the PS8 is not something you would use for lots of SPL anyway, so it should be OK, depending on your application.


The simplest rack for a PS8 with sub system would be a rack with the controller, the amplifiers, and a patch panel with XLR inputs for Left and Right, with speakon outputs for Left and Right. One of these could feed the sub and daisy chain on to the PS8. This would require 4 core speaker cables to be used with this system.


Hope that helps,



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I'm thinking of having two output speakons linked together for the left and right outputs enabling the use of 2 core if necessery and using two channels of amplification for sub so left or right could be used.



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The diagram above would work quite well, and you are making the most of each QSC's power supply by having a sub and a top per amp rather than tops on one and subs on the other.


I would really reccomend using 4 core Speakon cables rather than 2 core ones, then it doesnt matter which speaker it goes into and it will 'just work'.


As for amp power, it's not ideal to run them on lower powered amps. The PS8 is surprisingly loud if powered correctly, as is the LS400 (I use Crown K2's for my PS8 system).

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The speakons will be connected on 4 core, but linked though to the second output. thus allowing the ability to use 2 core for when we run low on 4 core cable. If I can find some more suitable amps I'll use them but I think I'm stuck with what I have got.

Thanks Guys

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