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Wavicle News: Winter 2004-5

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Guest Wavicle

Wavicle introduces MR16 LED lamp for standard LV dimmers


Following the successful introduction of Hyperion and OptiLED LED lamps in October 2004, Wavicle have added the OptiLED Designer Dimmable MR16 LED lamp to the range.

This product represents a big step forward, because unlike other LED light bulbs currently available, it is compatible with standard low voltage dimmers !

With outer dimensions identical to the ordinary halogen MR16 which it replaces, the Designer Dimmable offers full performance at 12 Volts AC/DC and has dimming capability from 10V down to 3V where it operates at a candle glow level.

The OptiLED Designer Dimmable draws just 2 watts at full power and works through voltage regulation, using most standard dimming controls for magnetic and electronic transformers. It can be used in most indoor and weather protected outdoor fixtures.


OptiLED prices fall

Prices for some lamps in the OptiLED Chipâ„¢ range have been reduced as follows:-

Designer / White - Was: £31.25 Now: £27.95

Designer / Coloured - Was: £28.95 Now: £25.95

Commercial / White - Was: £34.50 Now: £32.50

Commercial / Coloured - Was: £31.50 Now: £28.95

Additional diffuser - Was: £4.25 £3.95


Hyperion range expands

The Hyperion range of LED lamps has been expanded to include BA22 "standard" bayonet and E27 Edison Screw lamp bases.

Each type is available in a choice of two voltages (120 / 220V AC), two beam widths and six colours.

In order to keep the catalogue tidy, the new additions have been combined with existing items to create two new products:-


21 LED lamp - small bayonet / screw for BA15S, BA15D and E14 bases.

21 LED Lamp - large bayonet / screw for GU10, BA22 and E27.


Further additions to the Hyperion range, along with other new lines will be added throughout the course of 2005 and we will be demonstrating some of them (along with other items from our product range) at various festivals and events during the summer.

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