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Jands Event 416


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Hi guys,

right.. I might be hiring a jands event 416 for an event I'm planning.. I have never programmed a lighting desk before in my life.. how easy will it be for me to pick it up? please bear in mind that I'm a software developer by trade so I'm used to "programming" stuff (I know its different but I'm just saying I'm technicaly minded).. also I'll only have a day to program (max).. only got 2x4channel dimmers, 4x4 channel scans, 2x1 channel colour changers, 2xmac250s..


before somebody points it out I KNOW its a big desk for just these fixtures.. is there an offline editor for this desk and how easy is it to design stuff offline and upload them on the day..


the sort of gig I'm doing is a rock and roll/punky type gig..




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There is an offline editor for this desk - but as of December it wasn't available for download from Jands website; it was supplied on a CD with the desk. Ask the person who owns the desk to check the licence terms, & get a copy from them if appropriate. Doing stuff offline is a very good idea; you can save to floppy disk, and just load this into the desk on the day. Make sure you build your states using presets (palettes, preset focuses - they're kind of like #define in that you can tell your movers to use the "red preset" - without knowing in advance exactly what that means in terms of DMX values. When you get to the venue and have the fixtures available, you can update the preset's definition so that it really does produce red!)


That's quite a "lot" of equipment to be dealing with for your first ever attempt programming lighting. The Jands is pretty easy to use, but you could really do with picking up the basic concepts of programming before you approach the desk's manual (well written though it is). Unfortunately, I can't immediately think of somewhere to point you to... anyone else?

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If you only have a day to program it I would first start out with doing the basic stuff. Like three colors washing the stage or so. Then if you have time adding some more advanced effects with the help of your two mac 250´s.
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Hi Chris,


The "Offline Editor" for the event 416 has been discontinued and unfortunately is no longer supported by Jands.


The best advice I can give you is to make sure you have read the manual before you start - you will find the event is easy to pick up, and you can get the basic looks in the console very quickly. As Tom says, it is a good idea to make sure you are comfortable with the basic concepts of programming before you start, and have thought out what you are going to do during your show.


The other thing to make sure that the moving lights you are using are in the library - if you drop me an email I will check for you.


If you have any questions, drop me a line and I will do my best to help.






Neil Vann

Technical Sales and Support

AC Lighting



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