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1950's stage lighting


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Id like to recreate a sign that looks like it came from 1950's broadway - ya know the kind - common in Chicago / The Producers. ive posted some pics below so you get the idea. Id really like to know firstly if they have a particular name - and secondly if anyone knows where I could hire any from / a cheap way to make one?






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thanks guys - I guess it wouldnt be rocket science to make one but has anyone ever seen one for hire? or at least what its called so I can ask around?! might be easier & quicker.


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A lot of them in this country were made using a patent brass lampholder branded as Fairyland Strip which was constructed with an integral cable bush so that the holders could be fitted at very close centres. This is the closest- but Fairyland required no drilling. Most modern brass holders have too big a base for accurate reproduction and most repros I've seen use self-pierecers as close together as possible.Beware they are not cheap. Some signage used holders mounted on the rear of the board with the holder poking through from the back so that the globe of the lamp was very close to the surface of which could give a different effect. The wiring needn't be so neat either.
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You will need:

Festoon lampholders

Pygmy or golfball lamps


LOTS of time


You can mount the lamholders on the back of the set piece with just the lamps showing through or quicker but less effective, mount the holders on the front face.


I've always used Beeantee lampholders purchased from CEF, they clamp onto a two core cable, with pins that pierce the insulation to connect to the conductors. A lot easier than connecting individual lampholders and reusable with new cable.

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