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You work it out the other way actually, you are limited by the horizontal res of the single projector.


Take your screen width = 11.7

Divide it by the Height = 4.5

=2.6 This is your screen aspect ratio.


Take your horizontal screen resolution = 1024

Divide it by the screen aspect ratio = 2.6



So make your video's to 1024x394. Be aware that 394 isn't a very high vertical resolution, things like fine text and detailed pictures won't display very well. One option depending on budget would be to use 2 projectors and soft edge blend them. This would give you the screen res you mentioned of 1997x768 but you need two projectors and some playback device such as Watchout that can playback over multiple screens.....


Give me a shout if you need any further help. We have offices in Dubai if needed.



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Alternatively, you could use a single HD projector - running at 1080p you could produce your video at 1920x738 - the extra lines might be more easily obtained this way than by soft edge blending, depending on your costs of implementing either system.
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