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birdie gobo holders


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have anyone ever used gobo holders like this with birdies, do they work? some opinions please


Fascinating. Who makes them? Given a low voltage MR-16 lamp, there are many types. Some spread the beam, others focus it to a specific aiming point say for dental work drying in some cases. In any case, given the proper placement of the pattern in that crossing point of the light be it either with a focusing lamp or a more normal one that inverts the beam after it leaves the reflector, it should work. Probably would not work very well on a lamp that sends out a narrow beam or one that does not cross over itself after reflecting. Not shure which type does what, but the wider ones no doubt cross over. The front lens than might also re-define the beam in addition to focus it.


This is all taking for granted that the lamp sits accurately inside the birdie fixture. Not the most refined of fixtures thus your lamp might or might not sit at a very set location or stay there if bumped. Much less that the intensity needs are not much and the range is short. Interesting idea however.

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Time to plug biggest bargain in lighting at mo` Ikea Isbrytare, which uses an MR16 and lens , comes with 4 dichro filters,few gobos, iris and shutters




Works well, even take an inkjet image when dimmed down slightly.


Isbytare possibly a bit fragile for trucking around though, but installed a few.


Seem to remember someone here saying that they use the birdie gobo projectors to test gobos in their workshop.

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beat me to it!!


the ikea units work fine and the output is quite good even with only a 50w lamp!


im still a little confused why they supply them with a gobo of a moose?!! :stagecrew:


I've never had the opportunity to use the moose gobo but the shutters make a great job. In the concert room I work, there is a dark hall in the entrance with many posters on the wall and I use this to light the posters of the next concert with a tight frame and this rocks. people coming in are just attracted by the posters (more than usual) and come back :blink:


anyhow this little thing is really cool and works well.

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For info on MR16 profiles used in anger, talk to whoever is the new chief technician at The Drill Hall - their basement studio uses solely a mixture of regular birdies and MR16 profiles to provide their theatre lighting - to great effect. Admittedly, it's a tiny, low-roofed space, but in there it works exceedingly well.
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