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520i tracking


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Hi Guys,


Problem now solved ...


Hi Doug,


Desk was in American 'LightPalette' mode, which amongst other things doesn't have the 'tracking off' mode, rather than the UK 'GeniusPro' mode.


Go to Setup, look at the bottom-right option. It can be 'Default', 'GeniusPro' or 'Palette'.


If it's in 'Default' a UK-supplied console should be in GeniusPro mode, though sometimes this can become confused. To be sure, set it manually to 'GeniusPro'. Then try your 'tracking' mode option again....


... Many Thanks to Rob Halliday

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You're welcome.


And just to add that, cue only is NOT the same as non-tracking. It's a fine distinction, but in Strand language 'TRACKING OFF' records every parameter into every cue, whereas 'CUE ONLY' is fundamentally recording only the changes into every cue (as a tracking desk does), but then is putting changes into the next cue to 'cancel out' the changes - effectively making the mods affect only the cue you recorded or updated. On the 500, particularly older ones, you can actually tell that there are two operations going on because a 'QONLY' record takes a fraction of a second longer than a 'tracking' record.


In 'tracking off' mode there is no way of having changes track through cues, which gives a high comfort/security level for many people, particularly those who grew up with previous generations of Strand consoles (you can make block changes through ranges of cues using the UPDATE CUE a THRU b command, but you have to specify the start and end points for the change).


Playback is also 'non tracking' - ie. if cues overlap the fade time of a channel in the second cue will take over from its fade time in the first.


As I said, a fine distinction, but it is different.



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