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Sourcing DPX 12/4 Dimmers


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Don't suppose anyone knows where I could obtain a couple of NJD DPX 12/4 dimmers ?


They are out of stock at the manufacturers and everywhere else I've seen, probably because the National Theatre bought the entire UK stock [ http://www.whitelight.ltd.uk/news/?n=1276 ]


I'm looking for two for an installation project, and yes there's a particular reason for choosing these dimmers... unless anyone else can suggest a low cost way of getting 18 channels DMX of low power dimming ( 4A is more than enough ) ...

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has anyone had any use out of these and wouldn't mind giving a quick opinion?


I have 2 (and a spare) installed in a church, supplying 500w par64s and Source 4Jrs. They are a couple of years old now and have never given a problem. The CPC description is very old, the current version is black, does not use DIP switches (has LED display/menu), does not have a built in DMX terminator, but does have a RJ11 DMX socket! BTW the manual says not to exceed 600W per channel for halogen lamps. Here is a better link. The ones I have do not have brass mounting brushes fitted which makes the truss mounting kit useless. I contacted NJD asking how they were supposed to be attached and got told the factory in China forgot to fit them! I found a standard clamp through one of the 5 20mm cable holes in the end with a couple of big washers works well.

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Just to prove the blueroom can find anything .. I believe I've now got a source for these as soon as another member comes back from holiday - Thanks :-)


I'm also looking for a pair of these for a job in September. I don't suppose your source has access to more than one?





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