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DMX recording in Chamsys


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Hi there,


Day before yesterday I was one of Amsterdam's finest venues testing some new stuff for a show I'm working one for some time now. One of the things I was testing was the recording of DMX input on my Chamsys desk. My setup is as follows: one touchscreen pc, a Chamsys pc wing, a Enttec Ethernet DMX node, all is connect trough a Ethernet switch. The entec node is configured as DMX in on artnet universe 0.9 (the zero is the subnet) in the DMX I/O window in Chamsys I set the DMX input to artnet and universe 0.9. Then I connect a DMX source (the house desk) to the enttec Ethernet box, select the group of fixtures on my Chamsys desk I want to record parameters from and press control, record, and hit a spot in a pallet window. My desk records the DMX vales but I have to restart the desk to get my desk to output the recorded data. If I don't restart the results are very strange. I seems that my desk multiplies the DMX input with the output of the desk? For instance the locate values of a moving head are not 50/50 anymore but something random!? After the restart the result was ok but today I was working on location with a lampie I admire very much and I could not get the damn thing to record anything cleanly. My desk recorded valeus but they had nothing to do with what he was outputting. I looked like an amateur... We had some fun about that but still id like to know: What am I doing wrong!?





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