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Boundary mic windshield recommendations


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We have just finished our summer show, so this will not become a hot topic for us again until next July, but we've always suffered with wind noise through boundary mics and I wondered whether there were any better suggestions here to solve this problem.


We use a number of Crown PCC160 mics around the front of the stage area, which pick up and bolster the actors' voice admirably. They are prone however to picking up wind noise and rain too when that starts.


This year, we have fashioned some simple covers made from offcuts of fur used in costumes. We found that two layers of fur over the mic significantly reduced the wind noise and protected it against the wet too, obviously the fur we have used is not ideal but appeared not to affect the sound too badly.


So, does anyone have any suggestions of good covers, or suitable fur fabric for use in such an installation?

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Thanks for the reply, we tried this last Saturday, using some fur fabric that we happened to have available (it's amazing what you need a stash of when supporting an open-air production), we didn't notice any obvious drop off in frequency response, just a slight drop in the input volume, which is easy enough to remedy.


Even through a 20 minute heavy shower, the mics still remained dry at the end of the show.


I'll investigate having these fixed up with velcro before we next perform outdoors.



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