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Chevin amplifier schematics


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Over the years I have managed to repair quite a few Chevin amplifiers - but have never been able to obtain schematic diagrams. The original company flatly refused to supply them - saying that they could provide service at reasonable cost. But they have now left these shores from lovely Yorkshire - and now don't seem to want to reply to e-mails from their new location in Slovakia.......


Does anyone have a schematic for the A3000 amplifier - or any of their range (as they are all substantially similar in design)?


I have two amplifiers with faults where I really need to work out what is going on - and a drawing will be a great help.


There seem to be plenty of these amplifiers around - and they are generally well liked by their owners - so we need to keep them going.....

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I will have a look at work tomorrow to see if we've got anything. We were involved here and there in the original design of some of the Chevin amps and may have some documents filed away...



Were you able to find any schematics?

I have an A1000 and an A3000 I need maps for.




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