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RCF Flying points

Ashley R

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Just something that's just passed my mind, I'm just about to go ahead and buy some flying brackets for a set of RCF ART 310A powered speakers, I'm aware of the two M10 mounting holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet, but is there a 3rd M10 mount for a eye to go through, so I can attach a safety cable to it,as a secondary attachment (Sorry dont have a box in front of me to look at), or do I go through the handle (This doesn't feel quite right, but I've seen mentioned that some handles are designed as a 2nd attachment point, or something along those lines)


Thanks for your help



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Now why didn't I think of that.


The brackets I've got are for flying the thing horizontally, so ill probably use the vertical mounts for an eyelet or two as a secondary, even though that manual does not say you need one, I feel that bit safer if it did! (Also should stop a $1000 investment from smashing if something fails, with the cheaper mounting kit)

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