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Infrared Problem


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Hi Guys,


I am having a few issues with a infrared hearing system and wondered if anyone could help. The set up is as follows:


Dynamic mic runs through a tielne and then gets split 2 ways via a standard XLR y split lead. Each of the XLRs then feed into one side each of a berhinger 2 channel tube preamp. One side is used for the infra red and the other is used for the show relay. I have taken an XLR straight out of the preamp and up into the sennheiser SI1015 modulator.


The issue I am having is that I am getting a massive hum through the system, even when I take the input out of the preamp. Id put this down to a fault on the preamp, however the other side of the preamp that feeds the show relay is clean. This stays apparent even when I swap them round so they are on opposite channels. I have also tried lifting the ground, changing the cables etc. No success though. However I did run a feed direct from the LS9 desk into the modulator and I recieved a clean signal. Could there be some sort of impedance problem leading to the modulator?


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Im probably being really stupid but ive tried everything I can think of.


Cheers all.

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