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Australian source for 16A Ceeform Adaptors

Ashley R

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I remember reading a while back that someone was coming to tour/ bring some gear with them from the UK, and they needed to know if it was better to bring adaptors from the UK, hire them in Australia, or chop and rewire to Aust Plugs.


Well I've just come across today a small- medium sized hire Co here in Melbourne which stocks 16A CeeForm adapters from a 10A Plug to ceeform socket and vise versa. They use them on their TJE Pixel Line 1044's (They are also the Australian Distro for TJE) and whatever else uses 16A Ceeforms from TJE. Not 100% sure if they will seperate them, but at least they stock them and its worth a shot, I just saw them included in a hire, and noticed the ceeform outlets on the back of the pixel Line.


Company's name is Clearlight Shows Pty Ltd. they can be found at www.clearlight.com.au


Hope this helps someone!



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