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DV+COMS over Cat5


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I tried a little experiment with DV today .


took one 2m dv/fire wire cable and spliced approx 30m of cat5 in to the middle.

it worked a treat , I can now run DV video all the way back to my SE800 dv mixer



as I only used 2 of the 4 pairs in the cat 5 I then went on to use 3 of the 4 lines in the 2 pairs to allow coms to be sent down the same cable, and it worked , no noise on either the dv of the coms.


I now plan to use the remaining line and the coms power line to run a tally light, so was 2 video runs(s-vid) one coms run and a tally light run is now all in one run of cat 5 ,


get in's/outs much easyer from now on



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