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Pearl 2004 cannot get out of program mode

David Lee

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Hi all,


we have an Pearl 2004. At the moment it is stuck in program mode. If I turn the switch to playback nothing happens. If I turn it to system it comes up with "delete by DMX a", no system menu and does nothing else, though the playbacks and faders still work.


Apart from that it works fine.


Have looked inside, no loose wires to the key switch. Havn;t had chance to check the internal battery - tomorrows task.


Resetting it only brings it back to program mode.


Any ideas?

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If you're in a bind, and need to be able to get into System, and Programme then if you pull the connector off the back of the keyswitch and use one of the spare Jumpers off of the Mobo to link pins 1 & 2 or 2 & 3, or none of them (one way is run, one is Programme, the other is System - can never remember which one is which) then you will be able to put the console in whatever mode you need.


You will also be able to work out whether or not its the switch. If doing that changes modes, then you know its the keyswitch that is knackered.






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