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L'Maitre Neutron (DMX hazer on timer?)


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Hi There,


Wondering if any of you technically minded folks have any ideas or thoughts on if it is possible for me to use my Neutron hazer which is DMX based with some kind of timer whereby I can have it switching on or off via a timer.


A little background.

I play guitar and sing in my band and we use this great hazer currently by have a pressdown footswitch connected to the DMX input which has a set time (it's actually a lightswitch but I converted it, the kind you would put in a hallway which goes off after a set amount of time) this turns the hazer on for roughly 30 seconds currently which is fine, but I would find it more ideal if there I could use a timer device which would turn the hazer on and off for 30 seconds(or similar) and then it come back on automatically after a few minutes.


My previous cheap smoke machine had one built in. It was a very useful function and allowed me to concentrate more on playing.


Hopefully someone will know if a way but if not I will just have to keep tap dancing every few minutes to keep the haze coming.





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I can't remember if this unit has output control on the back of it, but if so can you not set a really low output and just leave it on?



It does not have one, however I met a guy who had modified his by adding a variable control to the outshell which did just this. I did hear though that it can burn out the element (or something like that?)


Look for a 'multifunction' or 'astable' timer from Farnell, CPC or RS.

Cost about £35 +vat and a bit for a suitable housing




Thanks for the advice. Just a question and forgive me if I sound a little "uneducated". How would a multifunction timer work in this instance. Would I need to wire it into the DMX cable or similar? Currently the cable has been merged to the press button timer.

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Why dont you use a cheap DMX controller as a remote? Thats what I do.


I own about 5 of the super cheap 192ch DMX controllers for use with Hazers or the odd LED par can hire, You just program a quick lot of scenes into the controller, with 1 on, the 2nd one off and repeat, put it into auto mode then use the fade time, and wait time faders to adjust your timeing, you can vary from 0.1seconds up to 10 mins.


This could be a quick, cheap and easy way to get a timed remote for your hazer. These controllers only go for arround $90 on eBay (Or about 50-60 pounds ruffly)

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