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Problems with LC edit 3.5


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I am using LC edit to control a med to large system,

But when trying to add some extra fixtures

I am coming up with problems

When I add these fixtures, all the other lights start to flicker.

If I leave them in the DMX line, but dont DMX address the fixture, all the others work fine.

But the minute I address them every other fixture starts to flicker.

Perhaps the wrong control profile ?

Or maybe some fixtures are just incompatable with this system ?

Has enyone else had simulair problems ?

Where you able to solve them ?

Does any one know the correct control profile for

coemar light color 250 DX ?


the first thing I checked was the terminator,

its ok.

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Can you actually control the troublesome fixtures by them self?


If I connect the troublesome fixtures to the controller without any of the others,

Yes they work fine,

So if I put them at the front of the line with nothing connectted to the DMX out ,all is well

but if I any connect the others to DMX out they all flicker.

My current line of thought is that these fixtures are putting something into the system that upsets everything,

because some fixtures have two way communication,

so if the return signal is non standard DMX protocole then this would explain the problems.

Some fixtures use non standard DMX protocole for there master / slave communication.


But I thought to bounce the idea around to see if it is correct ?

You never know I could be wrong .

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It's nothing silly like the pins need reversing on the output from the fixtures? (although I can't see that being the case if both fixtures are working properly.


And I'm guessing there is no way you can use two universes? (I don't know the product you are using)

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An interesting one.


If you were getting data corruption or misformed packets down your DMX lines the problem would be happening all the time. The fact that you only get issues when you try to patch the fixtures suggests a software problem.


Have you tried starting a new show file and seeing if it does it again?


All the best


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