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yamaha o1v 96 mixing console


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I have a yamaha 01v96 mixing console, used in a home recording studio.

Please can anyone tell, is it possible the console to have an option, of,

during the recording process, some light to be on, like "on air" external light, on the wall?

I've placed a red light bulb in the other room ( studio room), but, I wanna this light to go on

during the live recording session without the producer switching it on manually, I wanna

this light to be on automatically when the console is recording, showing the musicians that the

recording is in the process.

Is there any way of this Yamaha to have such an option? Any way to, somehow, set up or connect the console, during the recording, to send a signal to the "on air" light?


Thank you in advance

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Not easily, especially since the 01V96 itself doesn't do the recording--it just feeds signals to an external device.


On Air lights on broadcast consoles are generally triggered whenever a mic channel is opened. You could get clever on the 01V and have it send a MIDI signal out whenever a mic is opened, give the MIDI to one of the many devices out there that will throw a switch on a MIDI command and turn on the light. However, generally in a recording session I don't pull down all the mic channels between takes.


If you're recording into a computer, perhaps your software there could be set to send the MIDI command each time you go into record...but it will take some playing around to get that to work.


Frankly, having the producer through a switch might be easier!



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