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If you're an Allen an Heath ilive user. What would you prefer... The pl10 a wired controller or the iPad with the software?


A controller is needed as our control room/area is on the 1st floor and the stage is obviously on the ground floor- so would a controller for perfecting stage mixes- as we're only running a FoH console. 


And secondly- I've heard that you can use standard cat5 cable aslong as it's only close proximity. Is that true. Any recommendations?!


Happy to hear your thoughts!



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We use a net book running editor and cable from the network port on the mix rack, we could plug a wireless router into this if we wanted but we don't at the moment. As far as I'm aware the cable from here could be as long as the core if its just for setting up mixes, but check the A&H website for suitable cable if you want to run a show. If you were to use the ipad app you would have to use the wireless router. I will admit the ipad application does look sweet but I personally don't buy into the apple hype and have found the netbook with editor to be perfectly adequate. NB using this system can throw up some anomilies depending on which device you set for "master" for example on saturday needed to turn on phantom on a channel from the desk and it wouldn't until I had changed to the preamp on surface. The guy at stage end had changed it on his netbook and forgot to tell me. The information was there on the touchscreen it just took me a second or two to realise what was going on.
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As far as I know, even ACE will be fine over standard network cable.


I've played with the iPad app and it's nice, you can do a lot on a screen and unlike hardware, there's scope for A&H to allow it to control more options.



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