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hi guys ,


hope you can help.


I want to run a multicore cable in my home cinema. I would like it to have a couple of sets of component connects, a couple of video/composite connects and maybe one or two others.


I realise that there probably isn't a pre made multi waiting for me to spend my hard earned cash on. so I am prepared to make one. heres where you come in.


does any one know where I can buy suitable multicore that will do the job and is there a downloadable data sheet to tell me how to wire/solder it up.



hope you can help

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Would fully featured SCART do you? Maplin sell it by the metre if my memory serves... It is a bit of a cow to terminate, but relatively cheap.


If not, try the Canford web site/catalogue, or perhaps "Composite Video", but don't know if they .www

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Try some Extron stuff distributed in this country by RGB Communications ( www.rgbcomms.co.uk ), contact Gordon Innocent.


It's top quality gear and probably a similiar price to the Van Damme products from VDC who are equally nice to deal with but just I'm giving you another option.


Kind regards,



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Canford do Multicore cable exactly as you discribe


It has 6 video cores, 2 audio cores and 2 data cores.

Data Sheet It is designed to be terminated in a SCART plug but you can terminate it in whatever you like.



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