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Glasson DFS3000 Hire


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SLS in scotland has about half (or more) of what you need if that is any help.


simon is the contact there: 07876682267


couldn't recommend them more.


Other than that, I believe white light are the main UK guys for it, so worth giving them a shout. It's not easy to find though.


Blacklight in edinburgh has a single colour (you can choose which in each lamp holder) that I had last new year. Looked good as you can control it individually, but no colour mixing and was a right bugger to program on a pearl.


or: http://www.usedlighting.co.uk/led-fixtures/led-fixtures/glasson-dfs3000-led-festoon

I did low res LED video matrixing through the Glasson stuff and it looked amazing, so have fun with it.


ETA: if anyone hasn't seen this stuff yet, do a youtube for it. Really nice kit for a different effect.

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Hello Chris,


Many thanks for you reply. I have a string of it on demo at the mo, it looks really nice. I have managed to source what I need from PRG. I'll post pictures at the end of the month- It looks like it will be a really nice project!




Andy Jones

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