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Flying PS15's sideways


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Does anyone know if this is possible, safely?


I'm looking at a possible installation with a fairly low ceiling, so if I could fly them on their sides, with the horn rotated appropriately, the sightlines would be a lot better...

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Stole this from another forum, hope it helps



Speakerplans Forum



No problems flying sideways using the flytrack. You'll need to make some bridles so you can clip onto two points at each end and set the angle they're flying at.


Remember to rotate the horns!


The other option is rather than drilling more holes in them, you should be able to mount some eyebolts into the bolt holes for the flytrack. Can't remember but they're probably M8 nuts inside.


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Where are you based?


I've seen PS15s flown sideways before without that stupidly expensive cradle.


Would it be better if you contacted a hire/installation company local to you for advice? One that stocks PS15s of course.

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