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Tight led beams/an array


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As a starting point, with the tour I work on I never usually get to use all that MUCH haze on stage, but I have seem to have found a fluid that doesn't give the band any greif on stage, so have just started to pump out a bit more which of course is helping to see the beams tenfold.


I was pretty impressed with the look of the beams from led cans through this haze and it got me thinking...


I'm thinking about creating some sort of led can array (I'm thinking of using about 4/6 scarf bars with base plates)

And having pretty much as many led cans I can fit on them all angled differently to create some nice varying beams in different directions.


I was wondering what peoples opinions are on which led cans have the tightest beams? Of course they are led, so the beams are never going to be particularly tight in comparison to other things.



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I picked up a little while ago a lot of LED par 64's that had a load of 36x 1w LED's, their beam angle is a tiny 6deg, But on further research from the manufacture these Par cans were available in a range of different beam angles.


Maybe a option to buy a lot of LED pars direct from china, and then specify a super narrow beam angle?


I would suspect the cheaper the LED par, the narrower the beam to make them look brighter.

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