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Robert Juliat Espion


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I am looking into purchasing a DMX testing device, it needs to allow me to select a DMX address and control the light in question and have some test patterns for moving lights, The Robert Juliat Espion looks spot on - does anyone have any experence of it?

These things all seam quite expencive for what they are, have not found one cheeper than £300, this one is around £650 pounds.


thoughts or suggestions welcome.

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I haven't used the Espion, but I can recommend the following alternatives:


Goddard Design DMXter - My favorite. This is really good because it has a built-in mains power supply, and a really rugged case. The 4x4 off-road DMX tester.


Artistic Licence Microscope - Which is also very good and has lots of advance features like moving light database. Also available re-badged from Martin and Zero88.


I've used both of these extensively and either will do the job very well. They are expensive because they are not made in large quantities.



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