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Unusual (electronic) drum triggers


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For a forthcoming show the plot is the actors are going to suddenly become a small band, and some instruments are secreeted around the set. However... for drums, rather than just using electronic pads (easy to hide) I was considering if something a little less obvious might be used, kinda inspired by Offspring and their dolls heads electronic percussion, though I was never sure if the Offspring's were actually functional.


So has anyone tried anything like this, or can recommend some sensors that could be planted into "something" and then plugged into a drum brain, I've got a DM-5 that accepts sensors, so once its in sensor form I'm home and dry.

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I did this for a friend using a standard piezo disk out of Maplin resined to the inside base of a pound-shop mini frying pan. If I recall the jack connector had two inputs. One for the piezo transducer and one for the rim squeeze-switch.
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I've done something similar. Used Max MSP and Jitter, a webcam and infrared camera tracked the hands and legs of the actors. If the pretended to strike a snare, Max would track the movement, it's speed (gave you a velocity) and position, then Max sent a MIDI signal to a drum machine. Pretty easy to do if you know Max, a Kinnect would be easy to do camera work.





does it need to resemble a drum kit at any point?


http://www.youtube.c...h?v=53S5wTWBz_c 2.48 in.. touchscreen (obviously on a smaller scale, that triggers a sequencer of some sort)...

very do-able, and very cool..



watch the whole video regardless to see some very nice tech..


Ahh looks like Max was used.


Every sound, lighting and VFX guys in entertainment should learn Max in my opinion.

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