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Tannoy B850 specifications


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Does anyone have/know where I can get exact specifications and product details for these speakers? Tannoy Superdual B850F


I've tried searching the Tannoy website (www.tannoy.com) and they didn't come up.

Thanks in advance for any help


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Thanks for looking - I've just got hold of four of these but with no documentation at all. All I have to go on is the labels on the back (i.e. recommended amplifier power is 800-2000W). I'm just looking for stuff like frequency responses etc so that I have some idea what to put into the crossovers.

I'll maybe get in touch with the Barbican, thanks for that suggestion.

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I've just found a spec sheet in my Tannoy file for a B850. I guess that might be somewhere close. 3 x 12" 3112 bass units (derivative of the superdual I suppose) in a big trap box. Email me off-list and I'll scan it and email back.


Summary is:



-10dB@ 29Hz

99dB sens

1300W prog power 650W RMS


Max SPL 127 cont, 133 peak



Trust this helps,



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Just noticed on closer inspection (i.e. delivery) that one of the B850s is in fact an S900. It looks identical to the B850s but appears to have some sort of crossover circuitry with speakon connectors in it as well as the normal parallel speakon inputs. Any info on this would also be appreciated.



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