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Radio Headset with pocket size receiver


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Hi All


One of my cabaret acts came in with his new radio headset mic the other week. I can't remember what brand it was and googly is not helping me. Anybody seen one ? Used one ?


I thought it worked ok in a small venue .


I think the transmitter was integral in the headset band , that is , no belt pack , but the clever thing was the receiver was smaller than a mobile phone , didn't need a wall wart , as it had an internal rechargable battery , that would have been charged before the show via a mini usb type socket.


I did have a look at it online the night after the gig but have forgotten what brand it was , I think the model was an AR somthing something.






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The only model I know of is the Samson AH1-QE77 Aerobics Airline System, the transmitter is built into an headband. The receiver is bigger than a pocket size unit though.





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I found it ,


a samson airline micro -






Looks like each transmitter/receiver setup is not tuneable


So you have to make sure you buy the correct one if you are going to use the license free frequencies.


Channel Frequencies Channel Frequencies

N1 642 .375 MHz E1 863 .125 MHz

N2 642 .875 MHz E2 863 .625 MHz

N3 644 .125 MHz E3 864 .500 MHz

N4 644 .750 MHz E4 864 .875 MHz

N5 645 .500 MHz

N6 645 .750 MHz

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If it's the small receiver that is the attraction for you, have a look at the ENG models of a lot of more conventional microphones. Sennheiser, Sony, Audio Ltd. and Micron (and likely others I haven't tried) all make them. However, personally I found the battery power system a pain for uses other than on a camera.



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