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Truss Rigging


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I'm putting a truss rigging job out to tender, and while I'm fairly familiar with what is involved is there any documentation that the rigging company should supply me with ONCE the rig is installed - some certification perhaps. If so is this within a BS or EN standard


I appreciate the requirement to supply a method statement and risk assessment as well as PLI documents before hand but what else do I need or should I ask for?




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I recommend you specify what standards and paper records you require in the tender documents you send out to contractors.

That way nothing should come as a shock.

It may be a simple 'hand over' document to maintain your paper trail.

You say you are conversant with the work; draw up a 10 - 20 point check list for the contractor to use, and let him see it prior to quoting.

You can use this to help demonstrate you have exercised care in selecting your contractors, setting standards as appropriate and in monitoring those standards on site.

A copy of PL cover is essential to check they have any, the limit is at least equal to yours (otherwise you may find yourself paying for the difference, since they are working for you) and to prove you asked the question.

PL is not in fact a legal requirement, but any reputable company will have it.

Hope that's what you meant....

In terms of references, the relevant house rules for the event/tour, Technical Standards, BS 7905:1 and 2, ABTT codes of practice, and if the thing has been published by that time, BS7906:1 should all be useful.

A number of rigging companies should be able to supply their own codes of practice, method statements for generic tasks and so on.

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