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organised confusion

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I'm going to be setting a PM5D later,


There is a guest engineer coming for the headliner and I know he will bring a memory card with his settings for the band.


I've had it before where this has happened and it's wiped all my saved settings.


there is a way of loading his but not over writing mine but I can't remember what this is.


Any ideas?



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The obvious way it to either save yours to a memory card or into Studio Manager. Is neither of these procedures an option?


I honestly cannot think of a way to load a new batch of settings but preserve the on-board ones so I'll be watching any other suggestions with interest.



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Hi Bob,


Thanks for the quick reply.


I thought is was something when you load file clicking basic, advanced or CSV mode but I can't remember which one.


I may have to have an analogue (write all values down with pen and paper) back up just in case.


I think I've got it,


If I save my scene as 001 for example.


Engineer comes along with card saved also as 001.


Go to advanced load:

Source: 001



This should put his data into scene 002 leaving mine intact.


When loading in basic mode, it simply plonks whatever data is in each scene on the card into the desk, even if the scene is blank.


If anyone has any other gems I would still be eternally greatful

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I know it is A bit late but all you need to do is open your studio manager and in the drop down menu under file go the set up, add another PM5D to your work space label one Online and the other one Offline.




Open them both and connect the one named Online to the desk Get the guest Engineers Card and open it in the Editor named Offline and Simply Click and drag what Scenes he needs over to the Editor Window labelled Online.



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If I was the engineer in question, I would be wanting to load my user preferences. Dragging scenes from an offline console in studio manager will not do what's required.

It is possible to manipulate what loads from the card and how, but in the heat of battle I wouldnt want to get it wrong............

In these situations some prior interaction is a must, between rig tech and visiting engineer to get all the required scenes into one file, this is the easiest and safest method.


If it is not possible to have a short break in sound while the new console file is loaded, then some compromise on who's setup (user pref's) the show runs with is needed and again

if I was the guest engineer I would want the desk setup in the way I use it.


If both parties can agree on user prefs, result. BUT....

it is still worth checking over guest scene files before the event, making sure that playyback channels and outputs are the same


A bit of comunication before the event could save embarrassment :)

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I would think the easiest way to save any headaches is pretty much what risc is saying above.


Drop the guy/gal an email and ask him to send across his files, edit them as necessary in accordance with your venues patch and stick in a couple of scenes out of the way somewhere to accommodate supports.


Robert's your mother's brother!

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