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Jerky Strand LBX, D54 Protocol


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Hello, I have a Strand LBX, running 24 channels (2 x Mini II and 2 x Act 6)Using D54 through a Demux.

The problem I am having is the signal seems to be dropping out resulting in a very “jerky” fade. (the MUX OK led flashes very quickly)

I know the desk needs a new battery but has been working fine for a year or so.

I have tried the strand MX and that works fine so it is not the dimmer/demux.

I have also connected an LED par to the DMX of the LBX and that seemed to be fine also.

Any ideas greatly received as I have a show next week and would prefer to use the LBX for generics and the MX for LED/Smoke.


If anyone knows where I can get a D54 to DMX protocol convertor that would be appreciated.

I Have a showtec DEMUX but it does not work using the D cable from the D54 DEMUX. Is that due to different voltages on the MINI II to the ACT 6?

It also Does weird thing with the channels mixes them all up and combines some.


Thanks Jon

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Strand built demuxes normally have channels 1-24 on pins 1-24 and tech 0v on 25.


The Strand S72 (badged) was not built by Strand and follows the same pinouts as showtec/Botex and so on. To get around this and keep in line with "strand" convention, the S72 was sold with 3 converter adapters to convert from other manufacturers convention to Strand convention.


The pinout on showtec/Botex/S72 is covered else where in this forum and looks like someone has just started another topic about the Botex unit.



If you do not fancy building a converter yourself, then I suggest you swap pin 25 to pin 1 (I think) on your D type and vice versa. This will get the tech earth on the right pin(1) and then use the LBX patch to compensate for the remainder of the wiring.


Regarding the jittery D54 and flickering MUX OK led on your existing demux, this sounds like one of the internal timing components in the LBX going out of tolerance, caused by either the age of the console or foreign matter on the components. Corrosion to tracks from a leaky nicad can also be interpreted as foreign matter and if not treated soon can result in the board being a write off as far as D54 is concerned and if really excessive, a written off LBX.


If you wish to discuss further, feel free to give me a buzz a White Light.



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