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GriGri2 Recall

Ken Coker

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GriGri makes a good hoisting device, I use mine over a Pro Traxion sometimes.


If you want to let a Pro Traxion back a few inches, you have to lift the load by other means, open the lock, let it back, then re-engage the lock. And during that time that the lock is off, the load is controlled only by those holding the rope.


If you want to let a GriGri back a few inches, (used in conjunction with a regular pulley), you just pull the handle, let it slide back slowly (with some of the load still on the GriGri, not the user) and when in position, let go of the handle.


It's quite efficient in that role. I did a show lifting MAC600s into a roof by myself as there was no lifting equipment beyond my ropes and pulleys, the GriGri in conjunction with my Pro Traxion made a great combo!




As for the fault, it's a worrying one! Definite potential to kill somebody. I hope this alert gets around climbers before somebody gets hurt, this could easily turn into a sprawled mess on the floor if somebody tugs on the handle too hard.

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It's a bit of a shame really - that's at least two recalls from Petzl in about as many months.


Indeed, bad news for Petzl PR.


On the other hand, is it a good thing? How do we know that Black Diamond or DMM don't get similar faults on their products and just say 'hmmm sod it, nobody dead yet let's hope they don't!' - recalls is dangerous ground, yes you're admitting that you screwed up but at the end of the day I'd rather they identified a fault then told me, than them keep the info locked up to save bad PR and I'm out there using dangerous kit!

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