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More Help Please - Building a Wired Remote


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I need help once again as I am quite new to all this!


I need a wired remote to control my FatFrog Desk:


Quote from the Manual:


Remote Switches

An 8 pin DIN connector providing up to

six remote switches. Short pin to 0V to

simulate a button push.

WARNING - Do NOT connect anything

to the undefined pins.


Pin 1 Remote Switch 6

Pin 2 Remote Switch 1

Pin 3 Remote Switch 2

Pin 4 Remote Switch 3

Pin 5 Remote Switch 4

Pin 6 Remote Switch 5

Pin 7 Undefined

Pin 8 0V Common Ground



Could someone give me a step by step, Laymans guide to exactly how I would make one


Or if it is easier a link to where it would show me!


Thanks Muchly!




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You'll need one or more (depending on how many you want) single pole, momentary switches. Something like this will do.


Each switch will have two lugs. One lug on EVERY switch will need to be connected back to Pin 8 (0v / Common)


The other lug will need to be connected back to one of pins 1-6, according to the table you've posted.

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