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sky/landscape projections


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hey folks,


I have a gig coming up that requires some projection of like a daytime sky into night time sky and landscapes etc...


preferably need it to be .mpeg or .avi files or available on vhs, but I have absolutely no clue what to look for or where!!


can someone help please???



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Surely this would be an ideal opportunity to create your own footage. The sky is everywhere, and with a bit of experimenting you could easily get exactly the right sky for your piece. Some clever editing could turn day into night, or you could at time lapse.

If times of the essence, try ArtBeats.

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surely this one line will sum up why I cant do what you suggested:


I live in the uk and its winter


:unsure: heh heh and I myself dont own a camera to do this, and neither does anyone else I know shame :stagecrew:


must also stress that it has to be free - difficult set of parameters there I know :blink:

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