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I am doing a summer long UK festival tour with a 9 piece dub reggae outfit. As we are an up and coming band there is no budget for me to tour a rack of FX so I am at the mercy of the 'house' set up. I am definitely happier on analogue consoles especially Midas with switchable Aux sends (sends on faders is not good for catching vocal adlibs and snare oneshots I can tell ya). I am getting by with mostly TC.E M1s/D2s and the odd PCM and usually either SPX990 or 2000 but on the bigger shows I either going to get a PM5D at FOH or something in the Vi range. As a fairly inexperienced engineer can anyone give me some good generic settings for recreating large 'Dub' style reverbs on these desks built in FX. So far I find myself just grabbing a big room or medium hall depending on the tent and system, nudging the size and early reflections and playing with the EQ on the return channels but this is very hit and miss and we rarely get more than a 20 min change over to include line checks.


Any advice any of you guys have got would be really gratefully received by an inexperienced touring engineer (inexperienced in touring that is)





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I got to work with the sound guy for Aswad a little while ago on an M7cl, he wasn't impressed but got it working great. One of the best 'One Hit Snare' effects he set up was to send the snare to a pitch shifter effect, +1semitone with no feedback but a delay of about 80ms, he then routed the effect onto two spare channels Panned one left one right, then used the same aux feed to create feedback on that channel (as it is feeding back through the delay it just gets higher pitched), resembling something like rubber band being plucked and tightend, combine that with mixing L+R separetly was an AWESOME EFFECT. I programmed everything he asked for, so ask whoever is on hand to help.


He wanted me to constanly sweep the High Mid EQ gain on a tight Q on the High Hats, but this was too comberson on the M7cl if there was some programmable encoders I could have done it.


But working on digital desks I urge you to ask the 'House' engineer to set it up effects like that up for ya, you might end up pulling your hair out. if you tell him what you want and he can't do it he's probably lying.. alot can be done in a digital desk.


Also you could try putting in your rider and it might get done for ya!!


Anyway hope any of that helps



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