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300 series


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As with any purchase, the suitability of the product depends on its intended use. Venue, production company, or hire company? Theatre, corporate, concert, or something else? A few dimmers, or large rigs of moving lights? Structured, linear shows, or lots of busking?
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if you like strand protocol, and don't have the budget for a 500 series, the 300 makes a sensible alternative. Given that you can pretty well choose your own configuration of sub panels, external monitors, or matching flat screens - they're well worth a look.


Do get an extra monitor card - two monitors work much better.

Downsides - well, the trackerball system of control is a little tedious - even when you get used to it. Not really a snag until you start to want to control movers - having just the one ball and having to select the parameter with the up down buttons takes a smidge longer, especially on fixtures with lots of attributes.


It wins (at least, for me) because:

(It's small)

(you can separate the panels making it fit smaller work areas)

(it can integrate well with the 500 series)

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the 300 , great little desk.


been using one since sep 2001, one year in small amdram venue (50 channel version 24/48 manual preset + 24 subs) was mainly using 24 channels of dimmers and 2 to 4 movers. apart from the odd softwhere bug that has now gone never any problems .


for the last 2 years I've been using one on corporate/conference/concert work. Very good for the job , one plus is that all the keys are backlit verry useful when you have had no chance to find the workers due to one hell of a getin.


as for setting it up , takes approx one min.


would deffentley recommend 2nd vga card , and the uzbe designers key.


as for using it for movers , did an awards evening in december had 20 mini macs in the set and 10 mac 250's out front. plotting including patching took 2 hours tops.


as for the fixture settings there Very easy to right , just keep a pice of paper to hand.


the only limit of the 300 is no sound to light , but that doesn't tend to cause any problems .


also due to it only having a 3mb hard disk (Disk on chip) it helps to clean it out once a season ,


any other questions just drop us pm



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