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Identify my ladder...


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Hi All,


I'm trying to track down a manual/datasheet for a ladder (for RA/Method statement purposes) in the venue that I have taken over, but I'm having a bit of trouble.


I've tried looking on the zarges website and have done a bit of googling, but this one seems to be eluding me.


All I know is that it appears to be a Zarges model, due to the helpful sticker that has the little do/don't pictograms on the side, but I can't seem to find out anything else.

Compared to a proper Skymaster it feels quite flimsy and not particularly stable, so I'm wondering if it really is a Zarges model.


It is a four-part ladder, that can only be set up in A-frame mode, as in my diagrams below:


The yellow line is the fabric restraining cord to stop the sides slipping away from each other. And yes, it is as much of a pig to extend as it looks. Let's just say it ensures you won't be working at height alone!


It has the stabilising bar at the base of both lower sections, and also has the little safety catch to lock sections together, although there are no metal spacer bars as found on the Skymaster range.


It is just about visible in the following high contrast photo at pretty much full extension (about 4.5 ish meters to the top):


Edited to add:

It does fold up for storage, all four sections end up parallel, so until you look closely, or try to set it up, it looks like a standard 3-part.






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If you could get a close up picture of the sticker, the mechanism at the top where it folds and one of the ladder in general it may give us a chance.


Several companies do 4 part folding ladders, working out who exactly needs the detailed photos.


I thought about photos when I was writing the post. If no-one has guessed by tomorrow, I'll take some photos when I'm in work.

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Call Bob/Frank at Aluminium Access Products.


Not only do they do Tallescopes, they do Zarges ladders. Sales, repairs, inspections. Also for all other types of ladders. It's not a bad idea if you are creating safety files to get all ladders inspected annually. Regardless of make, the guys will do this and advise you on the best action.


They are good chaps. I've used them for buying Zarges, fixing tallescopes and ladder/tallescope inspecting.


I think they also do training in ladder inspection so you can manage the system in house too.


Call them on 01942 514318


I have no connection to them apart from my being a repeat customer of theirs over the last 7 years.

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