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Need Help - Please!!!!!


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Was wondering if there is anyone who could give me some guidance in relation to a problem I am encountering with our reserve mixer. We usually use a Carlsbro Eclipse Powered mixing desk, but for smaller jobs we use a KAM Pro DJ mixer.


It is has 4 channels. 1,3 & 4 work with no problems - when the slider is up there is sound, when the slider is down there isn't (even with the master slider set at a high level).


It is channel 2 that I have the problem - with the amp attached when I move the slider up all I get is a high pitched tone coming out - On the monitor it reads that it is the right side? I have tried disconnecting the channel completely but I still get this screech. Even with the volume on the channel right down you can still hear the very faint screech.


I now am really confused with this. Could it be the slider that is faulty and is causing this continuous high pitched tone? I have tried playing music through the channel but just get a mixture of distorted sound & screech????


Please can somebody save me from this????


Many thanks!

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It could be that your mixer is faulty. If there is no input, the gain of the chanel is turned down and there is still a screech with the fader up then I would say the chanel strip is faulty.


Where are you based? Is there anyone local to you that you trust with electronics knowlege that can have a look at it?



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