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AV company in Guildford


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Hello all,


Can anyone out there recommend a good AV company in or near Guildford?


I am currently looking for a 16' by 9' rear projection FastFold screen, and a 3200 lumens VGA/DVI projector.


This could be tha start of a beautiful friendship!





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USSU Technical Services


Based at Surrey University, you can't get much more local to Guildford.


Several members of the BR are part of their crew, IanL being the one to get in touch with.



sorry , don't have any 16ft x9ft screens, (14x10 front or 10x7.5 front or rear are my biggest) (not convinced any of the other companies mentioned do either) I can do projectors up to 6400 lumen


you could try saville AV who have a guildford hire branch on slyfield ind estate . they quoted me recently for a 24x14 fastfold. but when I tried to book it they got a company in sheperds bush to contact me instead, so who knows


possibly also: harpers av and pinnertons both in woking. or Aztec in mitcham

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