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Warp correction within osx?


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Quartz Composer.


Having asked around a bit more, it seems that some older graphics cards supported keystone correction, but this functionality no longer seems to be available without expensive / overly complex software.


Next time it might be easier to go for a barco Sh!t Shaper Screen Shaper.

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Qlab definitely supports a custom quartz render. The video upgrade from the free version is not particularly expensive.


Talk to figure53, there might already be a qtz for it.


I can see that qlab has translation / scaling / rotation functionality, could someone tell me how to implement that custom render? Although I have used Qlab, Quartz is beyond my knowledge at the moment.


Edit: I don't have the pro video features on this machine

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I'm not that familiar with the nuts and bolts but a quick google found this.


Thanks for that, your google-fu is strong. Well worth investigation.


Is it then possible to do more advanced geometry correction through qlab in a similar way? I was thinking perhaps mapping on to curved walls, cylinders etc. It would certainly be much cheaper than many of the other hardware or software solutions.

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