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Plotting scrollers on a Bullfrog

Ian der Laan

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Maybe I should be more specific.


The shows I light are college dance/theatre/fashion shows/gigs so the rig needs to be flexible.


I have 4 apollo colour scrollers mounted on Fresnels on a forestage bar which I intend to use for colour washes. The rest of the rig is pretty much fixed with the odd special being added when required. I busk most of our shows using the subs and wondered if anyone has any tips on how they prefer to plot. ie. do people find it better to plot separate subs for scroller wash colours and then plot subs for the rest of the rig to avoid the scrollers 'scrolling' at inconvenient moments?


Hope that makes sense.



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Ok, what I normally do for fader busking is - so long as you are ONLY using the subs to busk...simply record each frame as a memory (of course fade the light out first before hitting record!)


Mem 1 = frame 1 and so on...


Record the scroller lamps on a fader or faders and make sure the tigger is set to 0%


You can then adjust the fade times on memory to determin how quickly the scrolls should change


Therefore you enter a memory, press go and then raise the fader! done. fade out, hit go for the next colour, fade up again. You also then have the option of doing a 'live change' should you wish.


Another way would be to assign each colour frame onto a colour pallette. Offhand, I cant remember how to do pallettes on bull/fat frog, but im sure someone else does - or just check the manual!



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Thanks for the response :).


I don't suppose I will be 100% busking but the performances will be very 'loose'. I'll need a large degree of flexilbility and will need to plot and dress/tech very quickly... Subs have always been the best approach for me.


I was initially thinking about setting the frames as subs- red, blue green etc. then creating a sub for the scroller lanterns...

Then I could create subs for the fixed part of the rig (spots, pars, specials) and add the colour around them. Would this work?

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Also, duplicate the same subs for colour frame only and 'scroller lights' on multiple pages.


Having thought about it, using the colour pallettes whould be much better though becasue that way, you can record any combination of colours onto a single pallette and then only have to worry about one fader for the 'scroller lights'

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